Learning how to pay attention and focus. Being in the present moment.


Using your Brain Waves to control games.

We have partnered up with Mind Power Enterprise in Portsmouth, VA. And we are spreading the news about Mindfulness Meditation throughout the community.  The video world is moving to using your brain waves to control video games instead of using a hand held controller.  Mind Flex Duel is an example of this brain wave movement. This toy takes a measure of brain activity in the left frontal lobe and, based on the amount of activity there, sends power to a fan (high power when high; low or off when low). This raises a foam ball in the air and a dial can be turned with the hands to move the ball through an obstacle course that arrange with detachable pieces. The ear clips are used to complete a circuit. After playing it for awhile it responds negatively to stress (the ball lowers and the fan turns off). Studies have shown that if you can increase frontal lobe activity through exercises like this, you can increase objective measures of concentration, which is the amount of time engaged with a task and decrease measures of impulsivity. And not just for Mind Flex.  So a child who got skillful at playing this game should also pay better attention in school.  Their reading comprehension will increase, they will do better on homework, and become more focused. We introduced the game yesterday to CJAB Family Services, which is a center for children with mental health diagnosis.  At this particular center they focus on Mindfulness and being in the present moment.  This game seem to be perfect for them because the owner stated that the kids were getting a little bored with Mindfulness.  With Mind Flex they get to demonstrate skills they have developed in the Mindfulness sessions they have been in with their counselors. We encouraged the staff to set performance goals with them and give them some sort of reward for meeting and exceeding those goals.