Madden 18 Gameplay Styles

We have Styles in madden 18 this might be one of my favorites so we have the three play Styles now they’ll be arcade simulation and competitive. So what does this mean? Most of them obviously play different, the arcade will be more of a fun and fast paced I think no stamina crazier catches stuff like that probably bigger hits more fumbles more of an arcade mode, simulation is their attempt to try and get as close to an actual NFL experience so there will be more penalties will be more injuries there will be more inaccurate passes dropped passes stuff like that stuff that is realistic, and competitive will be stripping some of those variables in and try to make it more skill-based so less dropped interception less dropped passes you know probably less fumbles I would hope probably less in inaccurate passes. So that’s how those will play but the true beauty of this is it allows ease throughout the years and patches and only patch or two specific modes so everyone stays happy.