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L-3 Nozzlenose Details

The L-3 Nozzlenose is a splatter shot in Splatoon 2. Its damage is pretty low but its fire rate and range is pretty decent. Its sub is curling bomb which gives the weapon that range you need to kill enemies. The special is baller, which lets you get in close and inksplode enemies. The only […]

Madden 18 MUT DRAFT

MUT DRAFTS is a game mode in madden 18; in this game mode you have 20 rounds to draft a team 1 player each round. The solo draft will be worth 5 tickets which is a lot but I believe you get better rewards. The ranked draft also cost 5 tickets it’s harder but you […]

Using your Brain Waves to control games.

We have partnered up with Mind Power Enterprise in Portsmouth, VA. And we are spreading the news about Mindfulness Meditation throughout the community.  The video world is moving to using your brain waves to control video games instead of using a hand held controller.  Mind Flex Duel is an example of this brain wave movement. […]

Madden 18 Gameplay Styles

We have Styles in madden 18 this might be one of my favorites so we have the three play Styles now they’ll be arcade simulation and competitive. So what does this mean? Most of them obviously play different, the arcade will be more of a fun and fast paced I think no stamina crazier catches […]

Longshots Madden 18

Long shots is the first story mode on Madden the downside is you have to be a quarterback and all that I have heard it stops when you get drafted so you don’t play any NFL games.

Super Smash Con

  Super Smash Con is a massive Nintendo fan event, and the only place to find international competition alongside an all-ages convention dedicated to all things Smash Bros. Whether you’re a battle-hardened Smasher or a casual Bro, a gamer for life or just feeling nostalgic, Super Smash Con has something for you. The event Is […]