Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and Attobahn & Mindball

This is CJAB and CJAB better known as Christian James Alessandro Baker and Christopher John Abraham Baker. This is our website, Best Gaming Moves. What separates us from other websites? We have Gamers from both worlds Christopher is our Nintendo expert. He can tell you anything about the Switch, Wii U and 3DS and what new Nintendo games are coming out. Christian is our Xbox and PlayStation expert, he will teach you tips and tricks about any Xbox or PlayStation game you can think of. He will also be explaining the new features on some games that haven’t come out yet and whether he thinks it’s worth buying. Feel free to ask questions. If you need help with anything, we can make a blog about it to help you out. We also have a shop that might have some games that not in stores. Check out our website weekly for different types of blogs. We hope you like our website and if you do spread the word.

We will keep you updated on the latest Technologies which will affect the video gaming world. On the up rise is Attobahn. Attobahn is a Viral Molecular Network which is a high-capacity mobile internet. Attobahn’s primary focus is providing a cost-effective method to reach new markets and revamp current ones. It is reliable, flexible and it has ultra-high-speed capabilities. Mindball is another new technology that goes against the conventional competitive concept, instead of actively and using adrenaline to perform play, it is attention focus driven. The more you can relax your mind the better you will perform.   Headsets are used in Mindball. The competitors have to use their brain waves in order to control play. Tune in to our website for blogs about these newest Technologies, Attobahn and Mindball.